Publishing Sensor Data

Currently, HoloOcean supports publishing data to LCM (with a potential ROS wrapper being considered). All this config happens in the scenario file. We’ll outline what this takes here.

LCM publishes data to a certain medium, called the provider. This can be locally, over the network, a log file, etc. This can be specified in the header of the scenario file. See _here for options on this. If no provider is specified, HoloOcean uses the default LCM udqm.

   "name": "{Scenario Name}",
   "world": "{world it is associated with}",
   "lcm_provider": "file:///home/lcm.log"
      "array of agent objects"

Once the provider is chosen, HoloOcean publishes each sensor individually. The lcm_channel is then chosen by the sensor config. If no channel is specified, the sensor will not be published.

   "sensor_type": "RGBCamera",
   "sensor_name": "FrontCamera",
   "lcm_channel": "CAMERA",