Using HoloOcean Headless

On Linux, HoloOcean can run headless without opening a viewport window. This can happen automatically, or you can force it to not appear

Headless Mode vs Disabling Viewport Rendering

These are two different features.

Disabling Viewport Rendering is calling the (should_render_viewport()) method on a HoloOceanEnvironment. This can be done at runtime. It will appear as if the image being rendered in the viewport has frozen, but RGBCamera s and other sensors will still update correctly.

Headless Mode is when the viewport window does not appear. If Headless Mode is manually enabled, it will also disable viewport rendering automatically.

Forcing Headless Mode

In holoocean.make(), set show_viewport to False.


This will also disable viewport rendering (should_render_viewport())

If you still want to render the viewport (ie for the ViewportCapture) when running headless, simply set (should_render_viewport()) to True

Automatic Headless Mode

If the engine does not detect the DISPLAY environment variable, it will not open a window. This will happen automatically if HoloOcean is run from a SSH session.


This will not disable viewport rendering.