Package Structure

A holoocean package is a .zip file containing a build of holoocean-engine that contains worlds and Scenarios for those worlds.

A package file is platform specific, since it contains a compiled binary of HoloOcean.

Package Contents

The .zip file must contain the following elements

  1. A build of holoocean-engine

  2. A config.json file that defines the worlds present in the package

  3. Scenario configs for those worlds

Package Structure

The contains a config.json file at the root of the archive, as well as all of the scenarios for every world included in the package. The scenario files must follow the format {WorldName}-{ScenarioName}.json.
+-- config.json
+-- WorldName-ScenarioName.json
+-- LinuxNoEditor
    + UE4 build output


This configuration file contains the package-level configuration. Below is the format the config file is expected to follow:


   "name": "{package_name}",
   "platform": "{Linux | Windows}",
   "version": "{package_version}",
   "path" : "{path to binary within the archive}",
   "worlds": [
         "name": "{world_name}",
         "pre_start_steps": 2,
         "env_min": [-10, -10, -10],
         "env_max": [10, 10, 10]

The "pre_start_steps" attribute for a world defines how many ticks should occur before starting the simulation, to work around world idiosyncrasies.

The env_min/env_max attributes are used to set the upper/lower bounds of the environment, used when an octree is made for a sonar sensor.