Our custom in-house hovering AUV.

See the HoveringAUV.

Control Schemes

AUV Thrusters (``0``)

An 8-length floating point vector used to specify the control on each thruster. They begin with the front right vertical thrusters, then goes around counter-clockwise, then repeat the last four with the sideways thrusters.


  • COM Center of mass

  • DVLSocket Location of the DVL

  • IMUSocket Location of the IMU.

  • DepthSocket Location of the depth sensor.

  • SonarSocket Location of the sonar sensor.

  • CameraRightSocket Location of the left camera.

  • CameraLeftSocket Location of the right camera.

  • Origin true center of the robot

  • Viewport where the robot is viewed from.

../_images/hovering-angled.png ../_images/hovering-top.png ../_images/hovering-right.png ../_images/hovering-front.png