A simple surface vessel with 2 thrusters for propolsion.

See the SurfaceVessel.

Control Schemes

Thrusters (``0``)

An 2-length floating point vector used to specify the control on each thruster. First one is left, second is right.

PD Controller (``1``)

A 2-length floating point vector of desired x and y position in the global frame. A basic PD controller has been implemented to move the vehicle to that position using the correct thruster forces.

Custom Dynamics (``2``)

A 6-length floating point vector of linear and angular accelerations in the global frame. This is to be used for implementing custom dynamics. Besides collisions, all other forces and torques - including gravity, buoyancy, and damping - have been disabled in the simulator to allow for a clean slate for custom dynamics.


  • Payload where the payload with sensors will be in the water. Pointed downward.

  • Platform sensors placed on platform.

  • Viewport where the robot is viewed from.